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TeamBuy.ca – Discover the New You


A National Youtube Takeover Campaign for TeamBuy.ca that was produced in a 7 days to meet a last minute deadline on a budget of less than $2000. This video was shot and produced 100% with talent from TeamBuy (save for the last song). The final product has received acclaim as a commercial on par with an agency production and is a testament to what a dedicated and talented team at TeamBuy can achieve. The video garnered nearly nearly 20,000 views in a single day.


Burger Brats Restaurant


Burger Brats was newly opened at the time of the shoot and was still looking for exposure on the web. This video garnered over 1000 views during it’s opening debut weekend which was unheard of for an unknown brand. What really sold the owner’s brand was her charisma and personality and I wanted to capture that with this video.


TeamBuy’s National Hair Free Weekend – Hairless Tiger Sighting


This video was produced for TeamBuy’s National Hair Free Weekend Campaign, which generated industry record revenue for a single weekend. The idea for this video was pitched to my team by TeamBuy’s President who was confident that a video of a ‘hairless tiger spotted in the wild’ would go viral (of course when he said ‘tiger’ he was referring to the infamous TeamBuy Tiger from the Dragon’s Den). The video was shot and edited last minute in a span 24 hours, at the expense of the TeamBuy Tiger’s dignity, and a night’s worth of my sleep. But needless to say the entire team including myself were very happy with the results.


Krudar Muay Thai Promo Video


Krudar is the only authentic pure Thai Boxing gyms in Toronto, and one of the best at that. I wanted to capture the energy and intensity level of the training at the gym by creating a special motion graphic font style that synced with music and action from the footage.


Fashion for Change – Model Audition Promo


An epic promotional video for the brand new student club Fashion For Change, from the University of Waterloo, which was used to recruit models and talent for their annual charity fashion show. This video was a challenge because I had no creative control over the footage or music so I had no idea what to expect coming into the project. With only 6 video clips to work with, I managed to develop a theme that showcased the 3 different styles of dance in the video.


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