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TeamBuy Travel – Where to next? My first Travel Video


Travelling gives me the opportunity to explore new cultures and connect with people in meaningful ways. More importantly, it helps me to explore myself as a person and be humbled by the vastness and diversity of the world we live in. In short, I believe that travelling is nothing less than an inspirational experience and once the travel bug takes it's reigns on your life, it has a difficult time letting go.

During my most recent trip to Macau, Hong Kong, and Japan, I was tasked with creating a commercial for TeamBuy Travel, and before venturing on my 2-week long journey I had a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve for this video. I wanted to encompass all of the emotions and awe that I felt and give the viewer that rush of excitement--of letting go of all your worldly possessions and commitments and giving in to the tide of the unknown.

With all my videos, I strive to give viewers more than entertainment, I want to give them substance and a desire to discover something greater than themselves. Even with something as simple as a travel video, I believe that you can inspire people to do great things.


Peter Parvez Custom Made Suits


Encountering new challenges always excites me, and with this shoot I was both challenged and humbled by the two man operation run by Peter Parvez. Most of my past shoots typically involve large operations in sizeable venues, but Peter’s tailoring business was quite the opposite - a modest single room office on the 56th floor, where all the magic happened. This posed a challenge for me because big venues mean a variety of B-roll shots and angles that I can use to help illustrate the story. In Peter’s office, I decided to take a different approach and concentrate more on his character and his craft as a tailor. I focused (no pun intended) on details in his suit making process and on his interactions with his clients. It was his first time ever being interviewed, let alone on camera, but I think his personality and music really help tie in the intimate experience that is unique to his business.



Free Spirit Tours – Winter Show Shoeing & Caving


It’s been just over half a year since I got my new Canon 5D Mark III, and I got the great opportunity to reunite with the very first client that I took my camera out on an adventure with. Last time I took some big risks hanging off the side of a cliff and canoeing with my camera gliding 4 inches off the surface of the water, so this time I decided to top that by taking my camera 75 feet below the surface down a pitch black cave. I had to pass the camera to our tour guide Jen when I had to crawl through the many small (and very jagged) openings, but we escaped unscathed! Nothing like new and exciting risks to test the limits of your gear.


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