It all started with a vision.

A few years ago I noticed that Toronto didn't have any dance film companies like Yak Films or Strife TV representing the local dancers and giving them a voice on the international stage. At the time I was still in school, and I didn't have any connections to the street dance community. Over the past 3 years through my passion for street dance I've been fortunate to meet so many inspirational and talented people in the community. It was only when I met Kristine and Vanessa that I finally knew I could bring my vision to life.

Coincidentally Kristine and Vanessa had the exact same idea, and from our first meeting in February 2013 we laid down the foundations for our mission to bring Toronto's dance community and diverse history to light. Flash forward 4 months to June 5th, 7:08pm and we've finally completed filming and editing the short films for our first 6 dancers.

Our vision is to create a platform for dancers to showcase their talents and share their stories on an international scale. There's so much hidden talent in Canada and we want to share it with the world. Today our mission starts in Toronto, but we hope to reach other cities in Canada, and eventually collaborate with artists, singers, and dance crews.


What does "58" Mean? I'll let Vanessa explain:

"And 5,6,7,8...
You lose yourself and enter a world you've created away from reality, away from negativity, where nothing exists but you and your movement. These four numbers are the ignition of every moment you've ever felt exhilarated and one with the stage, one with your art. 5,6,7,8... and a flash of everything you've done to get to this moment runs through your mind. 5,6,7,8... your audience waits with bated breath. 5,6,7,8... and it's time. What's your five-eight?"


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