Vlad’s Memories of Russia


It's amazing how we can cross paths with strangers and a brief conversation can turn into an great relationship. I met Vlad after filming a dance video downtown. He approached me because I was carrying some camera equipment that he was looking to get, and asked how he'd be able to rent it. After our conversation, we exchanged cards and later decided to check out his Vimeo channel. Low and behold, he had also filmed dance videos of his own, not to mention they were very well done! I was looking for more help with filming, so it's as if we were destined to meet.

Despite only being 18 and having moved to Canada from Russia 4 months prior, Vlad is one talented shooter and editor. He currently attends a college business program, but his passion is film. I've already brought him out for a number of shoots to give him more opportunities to film in Canada and network, and he's helped me to capture some amazing shots.

Going back to the story behind the video above, Vlad asked me if I could help him to complete a video he'd been editing for awhile. He had cut together footage from parties he'd been to in Russia and he needed someone to help him shoot an opening sequence of himself walking in solitude along the lake in thought, reminiscing about Russia. After meeting with Vlad one morning after a cancelled shoot, we decided it would be a perfect opportunity to finish his project.

It just goes to show you that you never know who you may meet on the street. Help someone when you can, and karma will have a way of rewarding you in return.

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